The Week in Pictures: The Trans-Everything Edition

Nietzsche spoke of the “transvaluation of all values,” but hoo boy even old mad Freddie might find our current scene more than a little off the hook. But there’s some good news this week: The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that it’s legal to be drunk on your front porch, which will come as a significant relief to Iowa ethanol producers who may someday be forced to use ethanol as God intended it to be used—in whiskey and other fine spirits. Speaking of fine spirits. . .

Obama Coast Guard copy Obama Respect copy Obama Kick Me copy Obama Slippery Slope copy Call me Barry copy Obama Jurassic World copy

Iraq Military copy ISIS Strategy2 copy

ISIS Strategy copy

Chinese Data copy

Cybersecurity copy

Rubio's Boat copy

Inside John Kerry's boat. A bit different from Rubio's.

Inside John Kerry’s boat. A bit different from Rubio’s.

TSA Batman copy2016 Game of Thrones copy

Hillary Jenner copy

The centerpieces at this week's CEI Annual Dinner.

The centerpieces at this week’s CEI Annual Dinner.

Sanders Market copy

Age in Prog Years copy

Free Range Parenting copy Tebow copy

Marge and Homer copy

Caitlyn and Adam copy

Call Me Richelle copy

Offended by Everything copy

Dangerous Water copy Watermelons copy

Fracking Kool IAd copy

Video Cams copy

Scream 3PO copy Leia Seurrat copy Droid Nighthawks copy Imperial Motorocyele copy Alien Selfie copy Amphibious Pitcher copy Sci Fi Facepalm copy K Cup copy Stonehenge explained copy Tiger Woods copy Gates Counts copy Wong Book Store copy Learning to Drive copy Stubborn Men copy

And finally. . .

Hot 333 copy


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