A conservative American in Paris

One of the highlights of my recent trip to France was an evening with Power Line reader James Gillespie and two other members of “Republicans Overseas France,” an organization that James heads. Republicans Overseas France has a Paris-based membership of more than 100, with a hard core of one-third to one-half that number. (James concedes that the Democratic counterpart organization, its membership swelled by American students in Paris, is larger.)

As the head of Republicans Overseas France, James is, to some extent, the face of the GOP in France. He appears fairly often on French television to discuss American politics.

Usually this means debating leftists. In a typical appearance, he will take on an American Democrat, a French lefty professor, and a host who may be the most leftist of all. And he does so in a foreign language.

Based on the nearly four hours we spent together talking, my guess is that James — a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School — is more than up to the task.

James says he reads Power Line every day. It’s pleasant to think that, in some small way, our analysis, filtered by James, may occasionally find its way into the political conversation of France.


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