Analyze this

Lou Dobbs invited Rep. Ed Royce to discuss the Iran deal on his FOX Business show last night. The interview touches on a few points in its roughly five minutes, but it most notably raises an overlooked issue at the end (video below, about 4:00). Will Obama submit the deal for approval to the United Nations for approval by the Security Council to unravel UN sanctions before the United States Congress weighs in? Royce is on the case. He is working on it. His comments are intensely interesting. But the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Quotable quote, on Obama’s promise of anytime/anywhere inspections: “You and I thought that 24/7 meant 24 hours to go and inspect. It turns out it means 24 days and 7 may refer to the 7 months it might take to go through all of the process of objections from China and Russia…to get into those sites. So this is a disaster in terms of the ability to have inspections.”


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