Anne Bayefsky explains

The United Nations Human Rights Council is a body whose essential purpose is to stigmatize the Jewish state for imaginary crimes. The Obama administration therefore deems it important for the United States to fund and participate in the work of the body, such as the farcical investigation of alleged war crimes conducted by its Gaza Conflict Commission of Inquiry. Having concluded its investigation and issued its report, the commission concluded that both Israel and Hamas may have committed war crime in the course of Operation Protective Edge last year, but the commission unloads on Israel.

The commission has posted its report and other materials online here and here. In relevant part, it is unadulterated rubbish with a generous admixture of anti-Semitism.

On Friday the UNHRC voted in favor of a resolution backing the commission report. Forty-one of the 47 UNHRC council members voted in favor of the resolution, including the eight sitting European Union members: France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Latvia and Estonia. Only the United States voted against.

Why, oh, why are we funding and participating in this charade? Because President Obama thinks it useful and for him, of course, it is.

The Times of Israel reports on the proceedings here. The ToI report offers this summary:

The Gaza commission report, headed by Mary McGowan Davis, placed blame on Israel and Hamas for their actions during the war but focused more on Israel’s role. It also accepted the Palestinian death count, which has Israel killing 1,462 civilians out of a total of 2,251 Palestinians who died — a 65 percent ratio. Israel has said that up to half of those killed on the Palestinian side were combatants and lay the blame for the civilian death toll on Hamas for placing its military infrastructure among civilians.

Anne Bayefsky took a rather more combative approach to telling the truth about the report (video below). In her remarks she penetrates the mystery of the intentions explaining Hamas’s actions in the course of the war, something the committee professed itself unable to do. You won’t want to miss this instructive video.


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