Beyond appeasement

The final capitulation in process with Iran takes place before our eyes. Its consequences will travel far with us along our road, as Churchill said of the Munich Agreement. Like the Munich Agreement, this deal is a disgrace, but it is worse. We don’t have the excuse of a lost generation that persuaded the British to avert their eyes from the grim necessity to confront Hitler’s evil intentions. We have no such excuse and we understand Iran’s evil intentions. Indeed, they may be harder to miss than Hitler’s. But for our leadership and our will, we are vastly stronger than Iran. We do not fear them as the British feared the Germans.

Now comes David Rutz with a handy video compilation of 12 times the Obama administration has caved to Iran on the deal in process (below). The Iran deal also rivals Munich in the nakedness of the capitulation to a tyrannical regime with evil intentions. In Iran’s case these evil intentions have been acted on continuously over the past 30 years. These evil intentions continue to be acted on at this very moment and we now stand poised to facilitate and finance them.

The deal will finance Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and other terrorist activities. Despite the vacuous talk of a ten- or fifteen-year period of protection, the deal will leave Iran free to take the money and run. It therefore facilitates Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Iran will become a nuclear power with our assistance. It will do so at a time of the regime’s choosing. The deal holds no promise of altering the character of the regime. On the contrary, it strengthens it. The deal in process must be the worst agreement in history; it is certainly the worst agreement in American history.


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