Charles Hill on the Iran deal

Before undertaking his current responsibilities as diplomat-in-residence and lecturer at Yale, Charles Hill had an incredibly accomplished career at the Department of State. He rose to Chief of Staff of the department. He worked particularly closely with George Shultz, whom he served as Executive Aide. Molly Worthen chronicles his remarkable career in The Man On Whom Nothing Was Lost.

Professor Hill’s denunciation of the deal with Iran is striking (video below). He condemns the deal in part because it undermines “the international system” (i.e., the order established by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648) and in part because it undermines the national interest of the United States. This is what Professor Hill had to say in conversation with Peter Robinson:

The international system is coming apart; it’s a global matter…This agreement fits into that…It is perhaps the most astonishing shift in international politics and security in modern diplomatic history. It is strategically dangerous. Iran has been an enemy of this international system since it became the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. It has been a relentless, deceptive, deceitful anti-world order regime. Its record is consistent. It’s never wavered from it.

Its enemy is America — you, know “Death to America”– and what just happened is the United States has just handed over its leading role in the Middle East to Iran and provided a kind of dowry to go along with it…

Peter Robinson thought enough of Professor Hill’s comments to excerpt them from his longer interview with Professor Hill this week. Here is the video Peter has posted.

Via Peter Robinson/Ricochet.


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