Democrats Go Full-Sharknado

Last night was the much-heralded debut of Sharknado 3. I missed it unfortunately, but I hear it was absurd even for a deliberate camp film. But that makes it an appropriate day to discover that the Connecticut State Democratic Party has decided to jump full-Sharknado style into repudiating its own founders. I was sure at first that this story was satire (the Daily Current is a satire site, while the Hartford Courant, where this story appears, is one of America’s oldest newspapers—easy to get confused):

HARTFORD — Prompted by the national controversy over the Confederate flag, the state Democratic Party voted unanimously Wednesday night to change the name of its annual fundraising dinner and strip the names of two slave-owning American presidents.

For the past 67 years, the dinner has contained the names of Democratic presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. In later years, Democrats included famed former party boss John Bailey, and the annual event became widely known as the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.

But in only two minutes Wednesday night, a resolution was introduced and the members took a voice vote with no dissenting ballots. No one mentioned the name of Jefferson or the issue of slavery.

The Democrats did not adopt a new name and instead said they would accept suggestions before making a final decision in September or October.

“Let’s work together to show the rest of the state exactly what it means to be a Connecticut Democrat,” party Chairman Nicholas Balletto said before introducing the resolution.

The story goes on to say how Connecticut Democrats are considering a bunch of no-name Connecticut politicians to name the dinner after.  I might suggest Daniel Shays? Better, why not just call it the Annual Sharknado Dinner.  To keep them in practice for their mounting absurdities.


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