Hillary unclassified

McClatchy DC has three reporters with bylines on “Facts in Hillary’s ‘secret’ emails came from five intelligence agencies.” That headline should probably read “five (count ’em) intelligence agencies.”

The McClatchy story doesn’t add much to what we already know, but it is must reading. I was most intrigued by the officials who failed to respond to the McClatchy reporters’ inquiries. Other than what must be a Republican source in a congressional committee and the official responsible for overseeing the government’s security classification system, no one is talking.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General’s office did not respond to questions about the matter. The five agencies either referred questions about it to the inspector general’s office or declined to comment. Clinton’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment. Madam Hillary’s attorney David Kendall did not respond to phone and email messages. The FBI and the Justice Department declined to say whether security officials had recovered the thumb drive held by Kendall with Clinton’s email or had arranged for its secure storage.

From what little we have learned to date, the Clinton email saga is an incredibly revealing story that reminds us of almost every reason why the Clintons should be banished from our public life. Putting their politics to one side, they place nothing ahead of their personal interests and they are hardened enemies of truth and decency masquerading as protectors of the common (trigger warning: gendered language follows) man.