It’s not easy going green: A comment

A reader who must remain deep under cover writes to comment on Kathy Kersten’s column “It’s not easy going green.” He writes:

Dear Mr. Johnson

As a professor in the natural sciences, I get a lot of sustainability emails – and have sometimes seen the linkage between white patriarchiality and our lack of sustainability – the technology of the other cultures was always in harmony with nature (tell it to the North American megafauna, the Moa of New Zealand and the Elephant Bird of Madagascar!).

But the greenies at [Minnesota’s] Saint John’s University can relax – they are already part of a carbon neutral community – the Earth! Carbon neutral for over 1 billion years – I have it on the authority of James Hutton and Charles Lyell. Very little carbon in (a few Meteorites) and very little carbon out – most of it from our recent space activity.

[Name withheld]


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