Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Monday (Bumped)

UPDATED: There have been no changes to the lineup and topics for tomorrow morning, though when I get up (don’t ask what time), I’ll check on the latest news on the Greece crisis and the Iran talks.  Anyway, back to the original post:

I’ll be guest hosting Bill Bennett’s radio show Monday morning from his Washington DC studios, from 6 – 9 am eastern time. My guests will include Kristin Soltis Anderson at 6:30 am, author of the new book The Selfie Vote; at 7:30 am Jim Piereson, whose next book, Shattered Consensus, will be released by Encounter Books on Tuesday, and at 8:30 am, Mona Charen, one of my favorite columnists. All of this is subject to change depending on breaking news, etc.  I’ll update if so. Tune in and call in: I’ll tell David Wilesol, the call screener, to put Power Line callers at the head of the line!


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