Obama in full, and full of it

President Obama appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart the day before yesterday. Video of the extended full episode (I think) is posted below.

Obama is playing before a friendly audience and Stewart does everything but give him a French kiss. He wants to, but modesty somehow intrudes. Stewart’s approach to Obama reminds me of Howard Stern interviewing Rudy Giuliani in the course of one of Giuliani’s reelection campaigns: “I love you so much I want to sleep with you.”

Obama’s misrepresentations and prevarications are striking and comprehensive. He shamelessly exploits the ignorance of his audience and followers. NewsBusters picks up Obama’s outrageous comments on the IRS scandal, to take just one example, here and here. It’s probably Obama’s biggest whopper, but the competition is stiff. Trigger warning: Viewing is highly likely to make you nauseous.

Quotable quote (on Obamacare): “We got 16 million people health insurance who didn’t have it before.”


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