Sessions and Johnson Offer Legislation to End Sanctuary Cities

Paul wrote earlier today about the alien crime wave in Texas. In Congress, Senators Jeff Sessions and Ron Johnson have offered legislation that begins to address the problem of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. It’s called the Protecting American Lives Act; the full text is here.

In essence, the bill:

* requires state and local jurisdictions to notify the federal government when a criminal alien is in their custody

* withholds funds from any local jurisdiction that releases an alien after a federal detainer has been placed on him; and

* establishes a 5-year minimum prison sentence for deported aliens who attempt to re-enter the United States illegally.

Under current law, there is no obligation for state and local authorities to share information about aliens in their custody. The Sessions-Johnson bill creates such a duty. This bill is directed mainly (although not exclusively) at the disgraceful “sanctuary city” phenomenon. It will be interesting to see whether Democrats in the House and Senate have the courage to vote against it.

In addition to Sessions and Johnson, the bill is co-sponsored in the Senate by Tom Cotton, James Inhofe and Ted Cruz.