The Week in Pictures: Greeced Skids Edition

Well, it looks like we’re in overtime for both the Iran nuclear talks and the Greek bailout comic opera. I think there’s secretly a race between the twin foreign policy establishments—ours from Foggy Bottom and the foggy-headed Eurocrat Brussel Spouts—to see who can make the worst possible deal. Prediction: the talks will be merged, and Iran will bail out Greece after sanctions are lifted, with a rocket base thrown in.

Greek Mythology

Greek Trust Sanders Greece Scorates updated copy Greek to Me copy

Greek Crisis copy

Greek ruins

EU card

Panic time

Flag Hurt Dukes Hazard

Dukes of Moral Hazard Dukes of Hazard

Shark Nato


Soccer Boy or Girl

Trump Phant Clinton Manure Clinton news roundup Christie Jam Hillary Fees

Hillary Trust Obama Legacy

St Court Cheerleader

Pretty sure this is Photoshopped

Pretty sure this is Photoshopped

Shark Nato

Police Brutality

Communism Higher Ed Masses

Sand People

Frack v Wind

Mona Lisa


And finally. . .

Hot 346


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