Thoughts from the ammo line

It seems like about a long, long time since we last heard from Ammo Grrrll, but it’s only been a week. She returns with TEN-DENTIOUS. This one won’t necessarily provide all that we need in anger management department this week, but it won’t hurt too much. She writes:

Oh, God. Make it stop; make it stop. We are $18 bazillion quadrillion in debt (seriously, I looked it up…), half added since Dear Leader has been in charge. Obamacare accomplished absolutely none of the promised benefits (“Cover 40 Million people! Bend the Cost Curve! Keep your Insurance If You Like It! No Illegals, Except for the Illegals Who Don’t Have Insurance!”) in exchange for destroying the best health care delivery system in the world.

Millions upon millions of Federal employees are vulnerable to identity theft, blackmail, threats, at least four times as many people as the Administration admitted to at first.

Dear Leader is trying his best to lose against our beheading, gay-murdering, woman-mutilating enemies in the Middle East, but as slowly as possible so as to leave the biggest, most intractible mess for the next person in charge. The timing is tricky. If he’s not careful, Iran will have the bomb before Dear Leader is out of office. I’m sure it’s part of the backdoor deal to wait until January 21, 2017 to fire one at Israel. Was ensuring that Iran gets the bomb the ultimate pricetag for this Man-Choom-ian Candidate to pay back his consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who was born there? She made the Obamas rich beyond any possible dreams of obscene avarice even before the post-Presidential loot rolls in like a tsunami.

Speaking of Dreamers, they continue to stream across the open border along with all their relatives, and assorted Nightmares in the form of drug dealers, drug users, murderers, rapists and terrorists, and one quarter of all of Mexico. All waiting for Food Stamps, welfare, schools for their children, and Driver’s Licenses that will allow them to register to vote.

A record number of Americans are not in the workforce. Millions are newly “disabled” in order to get large checks that were never intended to go to the “depressed.” A friend of mine is a Social Security appeals judge. She said one man who had been turned down at a lower level said he needed Disability because everyone else in his family was on it and he felt he wasn’t doing his part.

We wouldn’t even know where to start to turn this around, even if either party had the political will, which neither does. And what is an absolutely critical task before us? Besides hounding sports teams with Indian names, I mean? Replacing Alexander Hamilton on the 10-spot with A Woman. Any Woman. It reminds me of when my house is a disaster, the column is unwritten, and I decide it’s urgent to alphabetize my spices.

If it’s the 10, why not Bo Derek? She’s beautiful, accomplished, and a Republican. But, I guess she has to be dead, too. The Paranoid Texan suggested Marilyn Monroe, the pic with the skirt blowing up, and allowed as how he would probably carry more tens in that case.

We can see this grotesque process unfolding. Why stop with just a plain old ordinary dead woman? What about blacks, gays, Hispanics, transgendered, disabled, Asians and Jews (ha! As if…)? Can you imagine the hue and cry if it’s a white woman? Of course it won’t be. So, let’s get the whole pc crapfest over with and make sure she’s a gay black woman. Comedian Wanda Sykes maybe. She seems nice. Of course, she’s also alive, so that’s a problem.

One thing is sure. No woman, no matter how accomplished, no matter her contribution, will be as important to the country as Alexander Hamilton. As Paul Mirengoff pointed out, damn few men could equal his contribution. But no matter. Not one person in 1000 could even name his contributions without Wikipedia. Just another old dead white guy. A President, maybe? Yeah, the one after Ben Franklin.

But who will be chosen to build on the raging success of the Susan B. Anthony dollar? Sacajawea was returned to her tribe by Lewis and Clark, white male explorers, after being kidnapped by another tribe of Indians. Kidnapped? By other Indians? Say what?! Oopsy.

Either Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman is my best guess for who it will be. Both women of great valor to be sure, and what I liked best about Tubman was that she always carried a gun. Uh-oh. Bad, bad, bad. How will they get around this? Well, hell, just LIE about it.

She’s the wrong color, but my vote for the perfect woman to capture the spirit of our beloved country after 40 years of Pravda-worthy propaganda and culminating in 8 years of this wretched regime: Calamity Jane. A hopeless binge drinker who wasn’t even a good marksman like Annie Oakley, a woman who invented or embellished most of her accomplishments. As I said, perfect. And still nicer than any woman or man in this Administration.


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