Trump’s latest stunt

Politics continues to resemble pro wrestling, at least whenever Donald Trump is involved. His latest stunt was to give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during an event in South Carolina, the Senator’s home state.

After the event, according to Dana Bash of CNN, Trump explained that he wants the people of South Carolina to be able to call Graham so that maybe he can “do something.” Trump quickly added that Graham won’t be able to.

Trump’s real reason, I’m pretty sure, was to show that Graham, however much he might denounce Trump, has sidled up to the tycoon to the point of giving him his private number. Indeed, Trump boasted (does he ever do anything else?) that Graham had begged him for political help. This, of course, occurred before Trump ludicrously claimed that Graham’s mentor, John McCain, isn’t an American war hero.

During the event Trump also called Graham a “stiff” and an “idiot.” Graham had called Trump a jackass, so I guess he had this much coming. As for the releasing of Graham’s number, let’s give Trump points for originality.

I’ve attacked Graham for years and have even engaged in name-calling, dubbing him “the Arlen Specter of the South” (I never wanted to call Graham on the phone, though). However, Graham is neither a stiff nor an idiot. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be entertained by his dispute with Trump.

Graham likes to tell people who disagree with him to “shut up.” I wish Trump would shut up, but the next best thing is a name-calling contest with Lindsey Graham.

Graham, I suspect, doesn’t really want Trump to shut up. This latest flap has given the South Carolina man, who is barely registering in the presidential polls, publicity that money can’t buy.

How did the folks at the South Carolina event react to seeing their long-time Senator attacked so personally? According to CNN’s Bash, they quietly watched with amazement and seemed to enjoy the show.

Not a bad approach this early in the campaign season.