What Carly can do

The field of Republican presidential candidates is extraordinarily impressive. Even so, Carly Fiorina stands out. She’s the only woman and she has articulated her critique of the Democratic opposition with a special zest and bite. In his recent dispatch from New Hampshire, Jay Nordlinger dubs her “Carly the communicator.” I am unsure what the premise of her candidacy for president is, but it seems to me at the least that she raises the bar for her intraparty opponents.

Earlier this week Ms. Fiorina spoke at the Reagan Library on the subject of American foreign policy. I haven’t seen any coverage of the speech. I found the speech compelling and worthy of attention in itself. She has a contribution to make. In the speech she tacitly stakes a claim to the mantle of Ronald Reagan (and to that of Margaret Thatcher, for that matter). The video of her speech is below. It is a serious, hard-hitting, unillusioned, and powerfully delivered speech. If you only have a minute or two, check out her remarks at 10:00-12:00.

Video via The Right Scoop.


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