With Justice Alito

In his new Conversation, Bill Kristol sits down with Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito (video below). We proudly published Justice Alito’s review of Michael Paulsen’s new book on the Constitution here this past April. It is good to have the opportunity to hear him speak off the bench at length on matters of interest and importance.

The video is posted in full and broken into chapters here; the transcript is posted here.

The interview is full of quotable quotes. It is difficult to choose among them. I urge readers to check out the video for themselves. Here I offer this quotable quote, on Citizens United (and by implication the fascism implicit in the left’s attack on it): “Citizens United, I think, is core political speech. It is a video about a candidate for the presidency of the United States. If that’s not protected by First Amendment free speech, by the First Amendment free speech guarantee, I don’t know what is.”


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