Civil War on the Left, Part 21

Really, this story requires no analysis or set up at all. From the Seattle Times a few hours ago (though really if you have ten minutes you should just skip this news account and go straight to the two videos below—they are astounding):

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders speech

A Seattle speech by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was pre-empted in a chaotic confrontation Saturday afternoon with a handful of Black Lives Matter protesters, who took the stage and refused to let him speak.

As the star attraction at a rally for expanding Social Security and Medicare, Sanders was just starting to address the crowd, thanking Seattle for being “one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America.”

That’s as far as he got, as a pair of women walked onstage and grabbed the microphone.

“If you do not listen… your event will be shut down,” one of the protesters told organizers, who at first argued that they could speak after Sanders, but relented and said they could go first.

Some in the mostly white audience booed and hissed as they urged protesters to let the senator talk. A few yelled for police to make arrests. The protesters demanded silence before they’d speak.

Marissa Johnson, one of the protesters, shot back at the crowd, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is filled with progressives, but you did it for me,” accusing the audience of “white supremacist liberalism.”

The activists demanded 4 ½ minutes of silence in memory of Michael Brown, the black man shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri a year ago. While rally organizers stood and raised their hands in support, some in the crowd yelled profanities.

After the few minutes of silence, the protesters said they wanted to hold Sanders accountable for failing to address their concerns when he was similarly interrupted at a town hall for liberal activists in Phoenix last month. Johnson beckoned Sanders to stand closer to him as she spoke — he refused.

Actually, some commentary is deserved. That a Democratic political rally would allow “a handful” of demonstrators to shut down and hijack their event shows how deeply liberals have drunk the White Guilt Kool Aid. Sanders never did get to speak. He left, appropriately enough, in a white-colored vehicle, according to news accounts.

Below are two videos of the event, first the interruption, and then the speech of the protesters. The organizers totally caved in to what appears to be a mob of three. After saying he’ll shut down the event, the organizer caves and asks, “How long do you want?”  And Sanders stepped back and allowed it to happen. Some presidential material. Once upon a time a candidate might have said, “I’m paying for this microphone you little shits.”

Pass the popcorn indeed. No extra butter necessary.


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