Condom Update

IMG_2169During my time last year in Boulder, I happened upon the “Condom Squad” one day out on Pearl Street, consisting of fetching young ladies distributing unlimited quantities of premium latex goods (see photo, left). I’m not sure exactly what message was intended in the age of campus “rape culture,” and in any event as my criminal defense lawyer was on vacation that week I decided against asking if they provided fittings or other product demonstrations like fine men’s stores everywhere.

CU Boulder is back in the news this week with a report from The College Fix on how “endangered species condoms” are now a thing (see poster below):

One of the schools that distributed endangered species condoms recently was the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Sarah Dawn Haynes, outreach and engagement coordinator for the university’s environmental center, told The College Fix in an email that CU Boulder participated because “it’s a fun way to introduce students to the topic of population with an environmental lens.”

“Growing our population has had and is impacting other species and resources that we share locally and internationally,” she said. “There is nothing easy talking about women’s bodies, rights and beliefs of childbearing, environmental justice, etc, and this avenue is much less controversial and sticky, but with the same deliverable. Think about how much land, water, minerals, we use and what it takes to share locally and globally so everyone has what they need to thrive.”

Haynes said that they received about 40 condoms for Earth Day on April 22 and they were all taken. She also said they will likely do it again next year on Earth Day.

Just 40? Seem like underachievers to me. By the way, I don’t believe these items are recyclable: how sustainable is that?

Meanwhile, while I’m revisiting Boulder for a moment, and taking note of the fact that liberals are jettisoning Jefferson, Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, et al., because of their politically incorrect views, how can CU Boulder’s law school possible host the Byron White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law? First, Byron White was one of the two dissenters on Roe v. Wade, which means he’s hostile to women. Even worse, he wrote the majority opinion in Bowers v. Hardwick, the 1986 case that upheld Georgia’s anti-sodomy law. In asking whether the Constitution creates “a fundamental right upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy,” White concluded the answer was “No”—“[T]o claim that a right to engage in such conduct is ‘deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition’ or ‘implicit in the concept of ordered liberty’ is, at best, facetious.” Facetious? He’s not only hostile to women, but he makes fun of gays. Is there a greater campus sin that that? How can a progressive campus possibly allow a legal clinic to be named for such a person?

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