Follow Tonight’s Debates on Power Line Live

The undercard kicks off in less than an hour, with the main event to follow at 9 p.m. Eastern. Join us at Power Line Live to follow, and comment on, the action. What better way to watch a presidential debate than with hundreds (maybe thousands, if 2012 is a guide) of your fellow conservatives?

So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live this afternoon and again tonight. To get into Power Line Live, click on the “Live” link above or simply click here.

You will be asked to log in. Logging in is easy. You’ll be invited to enter a nickname. Enter anything you like, but keep it civil, of course. You’ll instantly be in the chat!

You can also click the button that says “Log in or sign up now!” This lets you use your Facebook account to log in. In this case, you won’t have to pick a nickname; we’ll get it from your Facebook profile. Click the Facebook logo, and then authorize Facebook to connect with chat. Once you do this, you’ll be in the chat. I tried it earlier today and it worked like a charm.

I probably won’t catch the whole first debate, but will join it in progress. I will be in PL Live for the entirety of the second debate, and will do a post with not only my own reactions, but those of the PL crowd generally. So join us for a fun and informative time.


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