LeDuff’s five-minute mystery

Charles LeDuff is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who has posted the video below as the most recent installment of FOX TV’s The Americans. He titles it “Black Lives Matter. All lives matter. The facts matter.”

This installment of The Americans comes with the following summary: “Black men who die at the hands of Police. A nationwide problem brought front and center through video tape. But what about the hundreds of cases without video tape? Who to believe then? Sometimes authorities want you to believe things as they were not. Sometimes witnesses want you to see things as they wish they were. Who to believe? Charlie LeDuff and the Americans take a second look at one such case from Detroit.”

Detroit is LeDuff’s hometown. He performed an anatomy of the city’s decline in Detroit: An American Autopsy, reviewed here by the great Michael Barone, also a native of Detroit. LeDuff is a colorful character and known quantity in Detroit.

The case explored in the video involves the shooting death of a black man by law enforcement, here a black FBI agent. The agent was absolved after an investigation conducted by the office of Kym Worthy, the Wayne County Prosecutor. LeDuff conducts his own investigation to determine whether justice was done. In roughly five minutes, LeDuff finds the worthy Ms. Worthy to have spoken words of wisdom for our time. Case closed.


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