Live from Kimballton, it’s Rick & Carly

Continuing his series of reports for us on the appearance of the presidential candidates in Iowa, Nebraska attorney Dave Begley files this story on the West Central Iowa Counties Boots and Barbeque Bash Fundraiser at Cottonwood Barn in Kimballton, Iowa on last night. Dave reports:

The best news is that the food at the Republican event was fabulous, ten times better than the Dems’ food in Clear Lake. It wasn’t even close.

The event was held under a big tent and they announced that about 400 people were in attendance. Observers estimate that about 120,000 Republicans will participate in the two hour caucuses in February. Therefore ten thousand votes could translate into third or fourth place. That’s why these events – although they appear to be small – are so important.

Carly had come straight from the Iowa State Fair and was still dressed in denim and a pink plaid shirt. She had the biggest crowd talking to her before the event. In my chat with her I told her to read Power Line.

Carly gave a version of her stump speech; she has gotten better with practice. Both she and Rick Perry complimented each other in their speeches and I judged them to be sincere. They both received standing ovations at the end. Each of them had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

RickinKimballton Perry’s delivery was more emotional than Fiorina’s. He paced the stage as I imagine a Texas Baptist preacher does but he didn’t overdo it for the Iowa crowd. It was easy to see how he won so many elections in Texas. He also has an impressive record of accomplishments as Texas governor which he emphasized. He struck me as most passionate and knowledgeable about the military and our veterans. Since my sister works for USAA, I was happy to learn that he has been a customer since 1972.

He cited his background as a farm boy and his 90-year-old father’s World War II service. He downplayed his speaking skills and said that this was a show-me and not tell-me election. Big applause when he asked where was the outrage on the Planned Parenthood videos. Cheers and whoops when he said he would fix the VA. Perry claimed that with new leadership and a few changes, we could have our best days ahead of us.

The border must be secured and more big applause for that. He then cited his meeting with Obama last summer at the border. Perry quickly realized that Obama would do nothing so he mobilized different Texas agencies to do the job.

More whoops when he attacked Common Core and asserted that the EPA is the biggest job-killing agency in the federal government. He observed that Russia is “nothing more than a gas station” and that a President Perry would cover Europe with LNG.

Our natural gas prices are at $2.70 while Europe’s are sky high. We would divert Europe’s money to ourselves from Russia. This should have been done about five years ago, but I know that getting the export permits from the governmant has been difficult.

He closed with a story about a trip to Omaha Beach with his dad and about how the headstones face to the west.

CarlyinKimballton Carly started with a bang when she told the crowd that in their heart of hearts that they can’t wait to see her debate Hillary. She also used a new line (at least for me) when she said she wanted “to lead the resurgence of a great nation.” This phrase was used right after the Thatcher quotation refusing to manage the decline of a great nation. This seems to be Carly’s response to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” tagline.

Big applause for small business, school choice, cut government down to size, zero based budgeting, strongest military in the world, standing with Israel, new deal with Iran and cutting off its ability to move money. She said America would be back in the leadership business under President Fiorina.

She concluded with her Lady Liberty/Lady Justice explanations. After hearing it a second time, I thought it sounded even better. I think these are classic images that resonate; people can see Carly in those two roles quite clearly. Hillary? Please!

I had a nice chat after the speeches with Representative Steve King. I told him about the lawnmower skit in Clear Lake and he gave me the back story. He was in good cheer and he fully knows how much the Dems hate him.

Finally, a GOP national committeeman used a line that I’m sure will be repeated much going forward. If Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan, think what Obama is going to give us as the next President.