Surfing the Wave?

Surfers are perhaps the only souls more patient than fishermen; they’ll wait an hour for the perfect wave that might only yield a 20-second ride. And most common of all, when a set starts to roll in, is trying to peer over the top of the first wave to see if there’s a better “outsider” wave on the way.

I got thinking of outsider waves when seeing the stunning results of the latest Monmouth University Poll (PDF file) of likely GOP Iowa caucus goers:

The Monmouth University Poll of likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers finds Ben Carson and Donald Trump tied for the top spot. . .  When Iowa Republicans are asked who they would support in their local caucus, Ben Carson (23%) and Donald Trump (23%) tie for the top spot. The next tier of candidates includes Carly Fiorina (10%). . .

Notice the top three candidates in this poll are all non-office holders. This is not completely unusual: recall the brief enthusiasm for Herman Cain in 2012.  But this recurring phenomena does indicate the deep dislike of the GOP political establishment.

Presidential politics is a bit like big wave surfing: not so easy to catch or ride those outsider waves, and very easy to wipe out.


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