The government’s nonchalant response to Hillary’s security breaches, Part Four

If you think about it, the government’s nonchalance over Hillary Clinton’s security breaches probably extends back to the beginning of the Obama administration. The White House likely knew early on that Clinton was using an extra-governmental server. It is implausible to believe that Hillary had no email correspondence, incoming or outgoing, with anyone at the White House. And her email address would have made it clear to correspondents that she wasn’t using the government’s email system.

Yet, the White House apparently never balked at Clinton’s use of a private server, and certainly never moved to stop her from using it. Team Obama seemingly tolerated Clinton’s practice even though it knew or should have known that her system bypassed required security protocols.

The likelihood that Clinton exchanged emails with the White House from her private server raises additional concerns. A reader wonders whether such traffic contained sensitive and/or classified information.

Our reader adds that if a White House functionary knowingly sent an email with sensitive or classified information to an address managed by a server operated outside of, and unaccountable to, the required security protocols, this would seem to constitute “publish[ing]” classified information “in [a] manner prejudicial to the safety or interests of the United States.” Under 18 USC § 798 such conduct is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.


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