The Week in Pictures: Evergreen Edition

When a newspaper columnist goes on vacation but still owes regular pieces to his paper or distributor, they file a couple of “evergreen” columns—pieces about general interest subjects—sports, philosophy, whatever—not dependent on the day’s headlines. That’s my situation this week. Right now Power Line Baltic Command is retreating from Russia before the winter begins, and as internet at sea is apparently still transmitted by smoke signal, I thought I’d better file a Week in Pictures ahead of time. But of course Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are “evergreen” these days, so who can tell the difference?

All Hillary Emils copy

Hillary anchor copy

Hillary's haircut copy

Server Pizza copy


Recycled Dems copy

Obama Cecil copy Cuba to Obama copy

Trump eats eag;e copy Trump v Megyn copy Teflon Trump copy

Kerry Prize copy

Socialism Trash boatd copy Polio Vandalism copy

China Brady copy

Jenner half and half copy

Whuskey Soup copy Hurtful Things copy Unoppressive books copy

Disclaimer copy Gluten Free copy Bacon Theft copy

Well done copy

Jesus on Sand People copy Dark side of Life copy

Grant me Serenity copy

Simmons Trek copy

Breakfast Epiphany copy Resistance copy Smart Phone copy Grapes of Wrath copy Fine Line copy

Not a Dallek copy

And finally. . .

Hot 511 copy