Epic Media Fail of the Year

John and I, as the Christian half of the Judeo-Christian ethos of Power Line, wish our Jewish friends and readers heartfelt best wishes on their observance of Yom Kippur.

So, too, did WGN TV in Chicago, except that in the most epic media fail of all time, they used a Nazi era symbol on their broadcast to mark the holiday:

Jude copy

Really—is the entire newsroom staff at WGN that ignorant? Apparently so. But it’s par for the course these days; I typically find most journalists, even from premier national mainstream outlets, are largely historical ignoramuses. This might qualify as the epic media fail of the decade. Unless Dan Rather makes a comeback at CBS.

JOHN adds: Such colossal ignorance is unfathomable, and yet, a lot of our reporters really are this clueless. The low state of American journalism is a big problem.