Feelin’ I’m Fallon

Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon appeared on CNN yesterday to answer questions posed by Brianna Keilar about some of the email issues that are dogging the Clinton presidential campaign (video below, about nine minutes). Fallon carefully toes the party line in every detail. As for Bryan Pagliano’s assertion of the Fifth Amendment in response to the congressional subpoena issued in connection with the Benghazi investigation, Fallon paraphrases the letter from Pagliano’s attorney asserting: “He was afraid of being caught in a partisan swirl.” You mean he is not asserting the privilege against self-incrimination in good faith? Is that what you’re saying?

That should be a laugh line. As should this one, the highlight of the interview (twice over), asking why all emails were destroyed after (allegedly) all work-related emails were identified and printed out: “I don’t know what ‘wiped’ means.” Here Fallon is not just toeing the party line; he is literally parroting the boss. Like Madam Hillary, Fallon pretends not to know the difference between deleting an email and erasing or overwriting the server disk. Keller lets Fallon’s answer stand, but the answer speaks for itself, as they say.

Fallon also emits distracting noises regarding the transmission of emails in electronic form to David Kendall. Here Keller extracts the concession that the electronic form of these emails is simply a rendition in PDF of the paper copies. Again, a laugh riot.

At the Weekly Standard, Michael Warren has posted a series of tweets by “Jason Beale,” a pseudonymous former CIA interrogator who offers his analysis of how Fallon responded to Keilar’s questions. Beale’s analysis comports with what an uneducated eye can see in the video. Only the visible flop sweat is missing.