How lame is Hillary Clinton?

This lame: She is defending her vote in favor of a bankruptcy bill that the left doesn’t like by blaming Joe Biden. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Hillary Clinton defended her vote for a controversial bankruptcy bill reviled by the left on Thursday, and said she did so at the insistence of then-Sen. Joe Biden.

Clinton was asked about this vote during a conversation with a citizen at a New Hampshire. She responded:

I negotiated [some] changes and then the people who had been handling the bill said, ‘Well if we take your changes you have to support it.’ That’s the way the Senate works. And so I said ‘It’s really important to me that we don’t hurt women and children, so I will support it even though there are other things I don’t like in it.’

And it was Vice President Biden who was the senator from Delaware and the Republican co-sponsor that I was talking with, so I said I’d support it even though I’d opposed it before.

(Emphasis added)

In short, Joe Biden told Clinton she had to support the bill, so she supported it, even though she had opposed it. I guess Biden wouldn’t let her vote “present.”

Oh, and Hillary also supported the bill for the “women and children.”

It’s hard to say what would be more pathetic — Hillary making this up or Hillary actually doing what Biden told her to do.

It’s no accident, of course, that Clinton brought Biden into this matter. As the Journal suggests, it’s a shot across the bow that shows how she would try to paint Talkin’ Joe as a centrist and friend of big business if he runs.

But Hillary does herself no favor when she confesses to being subservient to Biden. Even liberals might prefer a “centrist” who calls the tune to one who dances to it, especially if the tune-caller has, to some extent, burnished his credentials as a liberal while serving as vice president of the United States.

The bankruptcy legislation that Clinton supported failed in 2001. However, a similar bill passed in 2005. Hillary missed that vote. Her explanation is that Bill had been hospitalized for a heart ailment.

Hillary says she would have voted no in 2005, but who knows? Maybe Biden would again have exercised his power over her.


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