Rambling on her mind

Madam Hillary appeared on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer for an interview by satellite yesterday. The Media Research Center’s Curtis Houck has a good account of it here and provides the interesting clip below.

Blitzer first remarked to Clinton at the outset that she “certainly did take a lot of fire from Republicans at the CNN debate last night,” before raising the first of two questions that Carly Fiorina raised of Clinton Wednesday night: “[W]hat would you say was your number one accomplishment as secretary of state?”

Good question! What was it? Plot spoiler: There were apparently too many accomplishments to single out just one.

From the video, I take it that Madam Hillary has now been coached to smile through the apocalypse. Hillary 5.0 is the new, newly “relatable” Hillary — if you can ignore the incredibly grating tone of voice. That is going to require further work. In the meantime, just turn down the sound.

With the sound up, you will endure a smidgen of condescension to discover that Madam Hillary “rambled about what she thought of the debate for 47 seconds until she finally provided a canned answer about her accomplishments that included a plug for her 2014 memoir Hard Choices.”

After completing her windup, Madam Hillary pitches her “negotiat[ing] a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas” and “the coalition that led to international sanctions against Iran.” Will somebody please fact check this?