Renaming the Mountain

President Obama has announced that he is renaming Mt. McKinley Mt. Denali, a change which comes as no surprise. If the Democrats are willing to pretend that their two most important leaders, Jefferson and Jackson, never existed, what hope does a long-gone Republican president have?

I do agree, however, with Michael Ramirez’s suggestion about one mountain for which Obama is, to a greater extent than any other leader in our history, responsible. Click to enlarge:

RAMclr-090115-mtdebt-IBD-COLOR-FINAL-FINAL.gif.cmsSTEVE adds: Beat me to it. But I had a different idea. Anyone recall the “Bandini Mountain” TV ads from the 1980s? (Strangely, I can’t find any of them on YouTube.) I suggest we rename Bandini Mountain for Obama. This is the best rendering of Bandini Mountain that I can find:

Bandini Mountain copy