She’s sorry you’re confused

As Steve notes in the adjacent post, Madam Hillary sat down for an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell (video below). Mitchell was well chosen by the Clinton team; she appears to be member of the team who is utterly uninformed about the relevant issues bearing on Madam Hillary’s use of a private email/server setup. NBC’s coverage of the interview is posted here.

According to Madam Hillary, her email setup was authorized and aboveboard. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it fits vaguely into the compendium of defenses Paul notes here. I infer that her use of the term “aboveboard” in this context means that her own email address was not .gov.

Did her use of the private email setup comport with Obama’s own Executive Order 13256 protecting specified “classified national security information”? Mitchell doesn’t go there.

President Obama himself claims to have learned of Madam Hillary’s email setup when the news broke this year. Madam Hillary emphasizes that everyone with whom she corresponded at .gov accounts understood she had a private setup. She implicitly attributes knowledge and approval of her setup widely throughout the administration. Did her colleagues know she had her own unsecure server at home in Chappaqua? I don’t think so.

Clintons gonna Clinton. Clintons gonna Clinton till they shuffle off this mortal coil.

Is she sorry? She’s sorry you’re so blasted stupid. “At the end of the day, I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions,” she said. She assures us that “there are answers to all these questions.” On that we can agree. Asked twice if she was sorry about choosing to have a private email server in the first place, Clinton simply said she would have made a “different choice.”

One choice she doesn’t regret. She doesn’t regret her choice of Andrea Mitchell for the interview and she feels no need to apologize for Mitchell’s stupidity. Indeed, she is grateful for it.


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