The Clinton tornado claims another victim

A friend who has been closely following Hillary Clinton’s career for years writes:

Add Bryan Pagliano to the list of Clinton “friends” who are left to clean up the mess made by the Tom and Daisy Buchanan of American politics.

At least Pagliano is still alive. Other “friends” include: Jim McDougal (Clintons’ business partner; convicted felon who died in prison), Susan McDougal (Clintons’ business partner; convicted felon), Vince Foster (avoided testifying when he killed himself), David Hale (convicted felon), Webb Hubbell (convicted of multiple felonies, including of covering up for Mrs. Clinton), Jim Guy Tucker (former governor, convicted felon), Harry Don Denton (dead; reputation destroyed after he fingered Mrs. Clinton for her involvement in bank fraud), Billy Dale (not a friend of the Clinton’s but certainly a victim; tried for embezzlement, and acquitted, in connection with Travelgate). . . .

I doubt that Pagliano broke any law. Nonetheless, he’s had to lawyer-up and plead the Fifth because he did what Hillary asked him to do.

Jim McDougal once said:

I think the Clintons are really sort of like tornadoes moving through people’s lives. I’m just one of the people left in the wake of their passing by.

Two decades later, the Clinton tornado still swirls and the list of its victims continues to grow.


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