The Power Line Show, Episode 26: Rathergate, “Truth” and Corker Confusion

Last night, the entire Power Line gang gathered for the latest episode of the Power Line Show. We talked about Rathergate and the absurd new movie mis-titled “Truth,” which opened tonight in Toronto. Harry MacDougald, the famous “Buckhead” of the Rathergate story, joined the group and related his part in one of the biggest journalism stories of modern times. From Rathergate, the gang moved on to Iran and the tortured history of Corker-Cardin, which was abandoned today in the House and filibustered in the Senate. Paul offered his thoughts on the legal ramifications of the fizzling out of Corker-Cardin. And finally, a story that combines Iran and media scandal: the New York Times’s “Jew tracker,” which deserves to live in infamy. It was a spirited session, to say the least!

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