The real Hillary

John Dickerson lobbed the softest of softballs to Madam Hillary in the course of his session with her on CBS’s Face the Nation yesterday. It was an interview providing further evidence to support the proposition that CBS News operates as an arm of the Democratic Party.

Madam Hillary is a phony who is simply incapable of faking sincerity. Clinton biographer David Maraniss contrasts her with her husband. Bill Clinton — he is an authentic phony; Hillary Clinton — she is a phony phony. John Fund seconds the notion here.

In yesterday’s interview Dickerson asked Madam Hillary about her late friend Diane Blair who had said that Clinton wants to be true to herself and not “do phony makeovers to please others.” As Clinton presents Hillary 5.0, Dickerson asks for “three words that is [sic] the real Hillary Clinton” (video below).

“Just three? I couldn’t possibly do that,” Clinton said. “I mean look, I am a real person with all of the pluses and minuses that go along with being that.” The claim to real personhood, however, does not comport with her laughter or demeanor. In addition to her other unattractive qualities, she is a phony struggling unsuccessfully to impersonate an authentic human being.

Via Alyssa Canobbio/Washington Free Beacon.


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