Trump Versus Volkswagen?

Opening question: what is sinking faster—Trump’s poll ratings, or Volkswagen’s stock price? Looks to be a close call. Here’s Trump’s poll numbers:

Trump Polls copy

Trump’s poll line is what stock market technical analysis would call a “head and shoulders” shape, which means he’s headed down further. Meanwhile, here’s VW’s stock chart:

VW stock copy

There are parallels between Trump and VW if you think about it for a moment. VW’s spew yuuuuge amounts of NOx at high speeds. Trump spews noxiousness at any speed. I’m sure our readers can come up with some others. Think of it as “Hairvergnugen.”

Meanwhile, Henry Olsen weighs in with his “Four Easy Steps for Beating Donald Trump.” Worth reading the whole article, but Henry boils it down to a handy executive summary:

Repeat after me: four bankruptcies, three wives, two parties, one big problem for America. Say it enough times, and soon we’ll be talking about who among the remaining contenders can fill the big man’s shoes.

Keep on Trumpin copy


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