Two Questions for Hillary

It goes without saying that Hillary is a dreadful candidate, aided by the fact that the media give her the kid glove treatment. A few weeks ago she said that she had an economic plan to get the economy growing again. So why hasn’t she shared this plan with the Obama Administration? Why wait for January 2017? People are hurting now.

The obvious question she should be asked is: How would your economic policy differ from President Obama’s? (Follow up: Why is Obama’s economic policy insufficient?)

Second, in her Meet the Press interview Sunday with Chuck Todd, her answer to the question of whether Bill would have a West Wing office brought this response:

“I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch.  I just want to be sure that we get the chance to earn the votes of the American people and to win the White House back.”

Wait a minute! Win the White House back” from whom? From Obama the usurper? “Win the White House back” is usually the kind of phrase you use when the other party has it. “Keep the White House” would be the more precise phrase. Pretty clear what she means is “Win the White House back . . . for the Clintons!” Lots of fodder for great questions by a political reporter. I recall in 1988 that reporters were all over Vice President George Bush about his differences from Reagan. Why is Hillary getting off so easily? Never mind: dumb question.


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