Is it possible that Madam Hillary’s personal email was not successfully wiped from the server she has now “voluntarily” turned over to the FBI in connection with its investigation of no one in particular? Several media reports suggest that FBI has recovered at least some of the emails. The New York Times flatly states: “F.B.I. investigators have recovered work-related and personal emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton said had been deleted from the server that housed the personal account she used exclusively when she was secretary of state, according to two government officials.”

The extent of the recovery has not been leaked. The Times explains: “It was not clear whether the entire trove of roughly 60,000 emails had been found on the server, but one official said it had not been very hard for the F.B.I. to recover the messages.” You mean Madam Hillary couldn’t even get her server wiped?

The Times acknowledges Bloomberg’s first report of the email recovery. Bloomberg attributed its story to a single “person familiar with the investigation.” The Times confirmed the story with “two government officials” who “spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing a continuing investigation.”

I translate the Times story as follows. At least “two government officials” serving in the Obama administration seek to complicate Madam Hillary’s pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination.