Wednesday in the Big Apple

For any Power Line readers in the New York City area, I’ll be giving a public lecture at St. Francis College next Wednesday September 16 at 6 pm, on the subject “Is ‘Conservative Environmentalist’ an Oxymoron?” The lecture will be held at the Maroney Forum for Arts, Culture, and Education, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY, 11201. Do please come and join the crowd, which I’m guessing will include a lot of skeptical listeners, which always makes things fun. Among other provocations will be this principal one: “The environment is much too important to be left to environmentalists; they only screw things up worse.”

My host for this fun event is the great Fred Siegel, who you may recall we featured in a series of interviews here a few months back. Here’s part one in case you missed it.

Fred is hosting a series other lectures at St. Francis this fall that might be worth attending:


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