What Trump Should Say

As Paul noted earlier, Trump is taking fire for not repudiating the questioner who alleged that President Obama is a Muslim, and that we need to be preparing to deport Muslims somehow. Trump’s one-trick-pony act (“I’m great, and I’ll greatly look at a lot of things”) didn’t work, and his lack of experience on the stump stumped him—or maybe Trumped him? But of course the media and the Democrats (especially the shameless Hillary, who in 2008 started a whispering campaign that Obama is a secret Muslim) are trying to tar the Republican Party as a whole with Trump’s poor handling of the questioner.

But perhaps Trump’s no-apology style could serve him well. What if he said something like this:

As far as I’m concerned, Obama’s nationality and religious faith are a settled matter. But you can understand why many Americans might think otherwise from his words and deeds in office. He has strengthened our enemies seemingly on purpose, obviously hates Jews and Israel, and really doesn’t appear to like America very much. If we did have a secret Muslim in the Oval Office, it would be hard to tell the difference from the actual Obama record. Instead of demanding my apology, the Democratic Party ought to apologize for foisting this plainly defective president on our once-great country.

If Trump said something like this, the New York Times, et al, would suffer an embolism, and he’d rocket up to 50 percent in the polls. This suits his style, doesn’t it?


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