Final Thoughts On Tonight’s Debate

I agree with everything Scott and Paul said about tonight’s GOP presidential debate. The moderators were a joke from the opening gun, obviously serving as Democratic Party operatives. However, they were such poor operatives that the candidates trashed them repeatedly, and they often were on the verge of losing control over the event. On balance, their risible bias probably worked in favor of the Republicans, especially those who took them on directly.

I agree with Paul’s assessment of the candidates’ performances. I have only two observations to add. First, as bad as the moderators were, we can be thankful for one thing: this debate was reserved for economic issues, so they couldn’t turn the whole thing into a social issues circus. Second, Chris Christie once again performed extremely well. I don’t understand why he can’t seem to command more support among Republican voters. If he doesn’t get a bump from tonight’s performance, I think the lesson will be that, for whatever reason, there just isn’t a significant niche for him in the party’s base. If that is true, it is too bad, but I would like to see him as Attorney General in a future Republican administration.

We will have much to say about tonight’s debate on the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow morning, which I will be guest hosting. Tune in for interviews with Marco Rubio, Byron York and more, and feel free to call 855-40-LAURA to express your opinions.


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