Happy P.C. Halloween!

Vermont’s Middlebury College was concerned that its students might celebrate Halloween in “unsafe” costumes. So it released a video and checklist containing guidance on how to avoid “cultural appropriation” and other sins. The video features the college’s Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Students:

A Message on Costumes and Cultural Appropriation from Middlebury College Media Service on Vimeo.

This is Middlebury’s checklist. Click to enlarge:

AFC Halloween Checklist Poster

Well, who wouldn’t be in favor of “safe” Halloween costumes? One question, though: is a zombie costume “ableist”? How about Captain Hook?

Now for a homework assignment. This is the Facebook page of a costume shop in Middlebury called The Good Witch. These come, I think, from a Disney movie. Members of which ethnic groups can wear them without being guilty of “cultural appropriation”? Does it matter whether it is the male or female costume?


If a non-white person wears this witch costume, is it cultural appropriation?


And here we have…lederhosen. Members of which ethnic groups can wear this costume without committing cultural appropriation? If any?




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