Hillary: A Female Barack Obama?

With President Obama’s approval ratings chronically under water, none of the Democratic candidates is running on an “Obama’s third term” platform. Achieving distance from Obama is trickiest for Hillary Clinton, who served for more than four years as his Secretary of State and is closely associated with several of his worst foreign policy debacles.

So when Anderson Cooper asked Hillary, “How would you not be a third term of President Obama?” the question couldn’t have been unanticipated. Many are saying that Hillary performed well last night–I spent the evening at a conservative event and didn’t watch the debate–but this response strikes me as awful. The main difference, Hillary says, is that she is a woman. Well, all right then!

Beyond that, Hillary offers an incoherent laundry list of issues that suggests she will be even more liberal than Obama. That answer may pass with an all-Democrat crowd in Las Vegas, but Hillary will need to come up with something a lot better if she gets the nomination.


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