Hillary Heckled

Black Lives Matter has finally succeeded in interrupting a Hillary Clinton campaign appearance. The Hill has details here. A one-minute video containing the point of interruption appears below. Hillary doesn’t look as pathetically weak as Bernie Sanders did in Seattle a while back, but her supine response illustrates the dilemma for Democrats—they don’t dare stand up to Black Lives Matter, for fear of offending Al Sharpton.

The video displays one of Hillary’s most annoying physical tics: her habit of what I call “the knowing nod”—perfect body language to convey her condescending arrogance. Is she trying out to be a bobblehead model? None of it did any good; she was obviously unable to gain control of the situation, and her plaintive pleadings had no effect. “I’m actually going to get to some point that prove that black lives do matter,” is the best improvisation she could come up with.