Hillary’s emails: What the FBI is up to

In response to my post about the FBI’s prospects for recovering Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, now that a number of important devices are (or soon will be) in its possession, a reader writes:

As both a lawyer and computer forensics specialist, I can tell you that what is quite likely happening is that the FBI is reconstructing Mrs. Clinton’s previous email data universe by mining several data sources.

The State Dept. servers and their backup tapes, for example, will still have emails Clinton sent or cc:’d to others, and if those are emails are missing from her private server they will be added to a reconstructed mailbox of her emails that will come close to containing everything she deleted. I am sure the FBI already has her missing two months of emails from January-March, 2009, and they (and Sen. Ron Johnson) are fishing to see what excuse she has for why she did not turn those over when she swore under oath she had.

I think the jackpot will be the backup tapes of the backup server at Datto. . . .They have to have backed everything up in their care as a routine practice, it would be insane not to.

Two other points: 1) if the FBI were going easy on this politically charged case, they would not be going to the lengths they are going (or leaking, or abetting the leaking of so much information); 2) you don’t see Hillary exclaiming, “Great! I am so glad they can undelete the emails I deleted, that was such a big mistake, now the proof will vindicate me.” That is a dog that is not barking. So to speak.

Our reader’s final point has occurred to me, as well. I guess Hillary really doesn’t want the world to learn more about her yoga.


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