Iowa Can’t Stand Hillary

This NBC/Wall St. Journal/Marist poll of Iowa residents came out today. There are a number of interesting numbers, but what jumps out at the reader is that Iowans can’t stand Hillary Clinton. These are the numbers for registered voters:

Favorable: 35%
Unfavorable: 59%
Not sure: 5%

That’s brutal. It is noteworthy that President Obama is just about as unpopular in Iowa, at 38%/55%/8%. Who are the 8% that can’t make up their minds about Obama after nearly seven years?

Because of Iowans’ deep disapproval of Hillary, she loses hypothetical races against all of the Republicans polled. Who does best against Hillary? Of those polled, Carly Fiorina, by fourteen points, 52% to 38%.

Iowa Democrats must have some sense how unpopular Mrs. Clinton is in their state, yet she is their favorite for the nomination. Hillary has the support of 47% of Democrats, with 36% favoring Bernie Sanders. If Joe Biden jumps in, as I assume he will, he gets 22%. It will be interesting to see whether Iowans, and voters in other states, flee to Sanders or Biden as the realization that Hillary can’t win sinks in.


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