Jeremiah Wright: Jesus Was a Palestinian!

For years, people have puzzled over Barack Obama’s motivation: is he trying to be a good president and failing, or is he deliberately undermining the United States? The jury is still out on that one, but there is no doubt where he stands on Israel, our chief Middle Eastern ally. It’s not as though we needed more evidence, but let’s listen to Jeremiah Wright, the notorious anti-American and anti-Israel preacher who married Barack and Michelle, and to whose sermons Barack listened–presumably–for something like 20 years.

Wright spoke at today’s “Justice Or Else!” rally in Washington, which was presided over by the appalling Louis Farrakhan–“sometimes a controversial figure,” as USA Today deferentially put it. The precise object of the rally was obscure, but Wright seized the opportunity to sound his favorite theme–he hates Israel.

Wright began by noting that he had been preceded to the stage by a group of Native Americans, and likened them to the peoples who were driven out of “Palestine” by “Europeans,” going back to the Book of Judges. So he was sticking up for the Canaanites and Jebusites? Hard to tell. Wright quickly segued into the assertion that “Jesus was a Palestinian.” Sorry, Rev, Jesus was a Jew. The Palestinians, if by that one means Arabs, didn’t arrive on the scene for another 600 years.

The weirdness didn’t end there: Wright explained that the youth in Ferguson are of a piece with the youth of Palestine–“the dots need to be connected.” That’s some connection. Then Wright got to the point–a call to support the BDS movement, the same approach that opposed apartheid in South Africa:

Apartheid is going on in Palestine as we sit here. There’s an apartheid wall being built, twice the size of the Berlin Wall in height, keeping Palestinians off of illegally occupied territories, where the Europeans have claimed that land as their own.

The “illegally occupied territories” are Israel, and the “Europeans” are Jews. No mention of the actual purpose of the barrier, to prevent Arab terrorists from infiltrating into Israel.

Wright invoked Martin Luther King, who ostensibly denounced a “three-headed demon” where the third head was capitalism. I can’t find any evidence that King said any such thing, but the formula is a favorite of Wright’s.

The madness goes on and on, and the hate is palpable. Barack Obama couldn’t have missed it, which means that he must have agreed with it, or at least been fine with it. Here is the somewhat doddering but still virulent Rev. Jeremiah Wright: