John Harwood reflects

The most obnoxious of the three CNBC debate moderators must have been John Harwood. The competition was stiff, but Harwood combined smug superiority together with liberal cluelessness in perfect balance.

As we might have anticipated, however, Harwood is not inclined to look in the mirror to account for the negative reaction he provoked among viewers outside the media bubble. See, e.g., his walk down memory lane below via Harwood’s Twitter feed.

In another tweet reflecting on his experience, Harwood takes a lessons-learned approach to the event. Again, the problem is external to Harwood. The problem is among the unwashed Republican multitude.

That seems quite a stretch to me. One lesson Harwood obviously has yet to learn is the first law of holes. He requires some kind of an intervention. The tweet above provoked Iowahawk’s response below, submitted for your approval.

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