Power Line Visits Grand Rapids, Celebrates Gerald Ford

I’m just back from a whirlwind day and a half in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I took in the annual meeting of the State Policy Network and delivered a few brief remarks at the Roe Award dinner Thursday night. I was present at one of the early meetings of SPN in the late 1980s with the late Tom Roe of South Carolina. He had a vision to spread a network of state-base conservative think tanks and activist organizations all around the country, and he offered seed money to help get new organizations started. I think there were no more than 15 people at this early gathering. Thursday night there were over 1,00o in attendance. No wonder the left is freaking out about SPN.

Lo and behold, John Hinderaker was there, too. I caught up to him in the bar, in the company of two lovely ladies from Minnesota, naturally. I have some new camera gizmos (a DxO iPhone attachment) I was itching to try out, so we did this quick “video podcast” reminiscing about good ol’ Jerry Ford. I’m still figuring out how to work the focus and sound, but what the heck. (About 3:30 long.)


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