Questions for the RNC

Watching the Republican candidates debate on CNBC, I see a glorified disgrace. The leading Republican candidates are an impressive crew. We are charged with the responsibility of choosing who among them can best represent us in the coming presidential election. Yet the RNC has set up a program of debates that has served up a prominent forum for smash face attacks on our leading candidates by moderators who sound like Democratic operatives — groin kicking Democratic operatives.

I have a few questions for the chairman of the RNC and his colleagues. Who among you thought it would be a good idea to authorize a panel of CNBC moderators to smash up the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination? Will you please identify yourselves for the record and explain your thinking? In retrospect, do you think it was a good idea? If not, will you explain why you let it happen? Will you do the decent thing and resign your position of leadership in the Republican Party?

UPDATE: RNC Chairman Priebus disapproved of CNBC’s performance. I guess we are to infer that he is just an innocent bystander.


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