Severe Hurricane Fizzles, Climatistas Hardest Hit

Last week when we heard the news that Hurricane Patricia in the eastern Pacific clocked the highest recorded windspeed evah for a Pacific hurricane, and was headed for the Mexican coast, you could hear the climatistas spinning up their mimeograph machines for the refrain about climate change and extreme weather.

Just as palpable is the sense of disappointment at this news, as reported today in the Los Angeles Times:

The official death count from the strongest hurricane ever measured in the Western Hemisphere: zero.

Two days after Hurricane Patricia made landfall, packing winds of 165 mph, the toll appears to be limited to flooding and wind damage to houses, power outages and small mudslides that briefly blocked some roadways.

Of course, the reason Mexico avoided a catastrophe is that they had planned for it, and have built up resiliency against such storms. Which is kinda what sensible human beings do. Notice also, in this regard, that Malaria deaths are plummeting around the world—down 60 percent since the year 2000: doesn’t the virus know that it is supposed to be going up because of climate change? Missed have missed the UN memo.

Meanwhile, there has been a magnitude 7+ earthquake in Afghanistan. Multiple choice—who do we blame: a) George W. Bush; b) Climate Change; c) Imperialism; d) All of the above.


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